The Owners of America or Who Controls the USA

Many people have said that ‘Owners’ is a strong word, maybe it should be said as Who Controls¬†America. The word Owners though, fits because We the People, no matter color or creed, are really much like slaves. Slaves to a System that they own. Of course they control what they own.

united states flag owners of america

When you think of us in our correct historical perspective as peasants, serfs, vassals …the worker bees have never had it so good. We have the freedom to change jobs and we have disposable time and money. Our military may fight wars we don’t like but the troops are no longer drafted. We can have peaceful assembly to voice our opinions. There is no doubt; it’s great to be an American. But what if we could make it even better? Why wouldn’t we want that? Today we have access to more information. People are starting to pay more attention. But will people do anything about it?

The US started out being Of the People, For the People and By the People. That’s only if we are Awake, Aware and Active.
We’re not. And have not been for a long time.

Where it used to be that we strived to promote industry while building our nation strong, we have, in the last twenty or so years, simply gave it away piece by piece while going deeper in debt and farther from hope.
Today, we the people no longer own America.
Who does?

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